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Crypto Economics

How does Crypto fit into the broader economy? Find out here!

Plan B's Economic Outlook

Plan B’s Economic Outlook

In this latest interview, Plan B’s economic outlook is revealed.   Listeners to this video will be bestowed with an expert perspective on the future of Bitcoin from the founder of Bitcoin’s Stock-to-Flow model. Plan B’s economic outlook foretells the

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Banned Plan B Interview

The Banned Plan B Interview

The Big Tech Technocracy: (Facebook (FB) , Google (GOOG), Amazon (AMZN) and Microsoft, continue to harness authoritarian control over information. This is why the advent of the decentralized CryptoVerse is more important than ever. We the People need to own

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floundering fiat

Will Bitcoin Cause Floundering Fiat to Collapse?

In this video, Michael Saylor prepares us for a crypto economy based on Bitcoin. Floundering fiat’s future looks grimmer every time that central banks around the world flood the economy with more money supply. Prices rise, inflation ensues and our

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The Philosophy of Bitcoin

Robert Breedlove, thought-leader, CEO of Parallax, and Bitcoin enthusiast, provides an inspired critique of Bitcoin from the most fundamental level. This Philosophy of Bitcoin video is filled with new insights and perspectives. Covered in the discussion is money printing, US

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True Crypto Decentralization

True Crypto Decentralization Explained

The astounding growth of Bitcoin and crypto has turned the cryptocurrency community into its own digital nation. Amazingly, despite such revolutionary growth, the principles of the cypherpunks: such as, our rights to digital privacy and property, our security, and true

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Crypto Can Save Us from Property Taxes?

Crypto Can Save Us from Property Taxes?

Revolutionary Way to Fund Our Municipalities!   This is amazing. Miami mayor Francis Suarez describes the revolutionary way Miami is raising funds through Miami Coin and believes crypto can save us from property taxes. Here’s how: The Miami coin runs

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