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Bitcoin Energy

Mainstream media repeatedly takes Bitcoin’s energy use out of context. They fail to consider the extraordinary energy usage that the current fiat banking system uses. Peer-to-peer transactions cut-out the energy insufficient middleman. Check out these articles related to Bitcoin energy usage.

Buy Tesla Merchandise with Doge

Coming Soon: Buy Tesla Merchandise with Doge

Elon Musk’s foray into crypto has been erratic, sometimes playful, and certainly unpredictable. He is once again reconsidering his wavering opinion on crypto, as you can soon buy Tesla merchandise with Doge. In May of this year, Elon halted Tesla’s

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The New Energy Paradigm

Flaring for Bitcoin: The New Energy Paradigm

Mainstream media has been awash with Bitcoin pundits decrying that Bitcoin is bad for the environment; however, Bitcoin flaring is the new energy paradigm. Often, critics point out Bitcoin’s energy consumption as compared to other countries. People read such statistics

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Energy Revolution through Bitcoin!

Politicians and Mainstream Media Unfairly Demonize Bitcoin’s Energy Use One of Bitcoin’s primary criticisms is, in fact, its greatest strengths. And that is its energy cost-efficiency. Unfortunately, mainstream media and politicians alike have been too quick to condemn Bitcoin’s energy

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Bitcoin Energy Consumption

The Real Truth About Bitcoin’s Energy Usage

“If governments regulate and tax carbon, then bitcoin demand actually supports and incentivizes, and in a way subsidizes, the installation of renewable energy.”  -Andreas Antonopoulos-     In this video Bitcoin philosopher king, Andreas Antonopoulos, provides his perspective on Bitcoin energy

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Did China Hash Crash the Bitcoin Party?

The falling hash rate of Bitcoin, as a result of China shutting down Bitcoin mining operations throughout the country, is only a near term snafu. Even though the short-term price of Bitcoin has suffered, Bitcoin will emerge more geographically decentralized

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Bitcoin’s China Dip

Gravity still exists in the Crypto markets. The latest news out of China, coupled with Elon Musk’s tweet informing us that Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin for payment, has been railing Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The reason Tesla is no

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