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In Focus

Sayer Ji

Sayer Ji: Be Sovereign with Crypto

Sayer Ji, co-founder of CryptoLiberate, eloquently expresses the essential reasons to embrace sovereign, truly decentralized crypto. Sayer Ji brings a rare perspective on the downfalls of money-printed fiat. History is fraught with examples of nations competing on the world-stage with

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Qortal Crypto

Qortal: Massive Equal Wealth Opportunity

In the land of crypto, wealth and opportunity can cloud over crypto’s revolutionary characteristics, which are its world-changing values, its ground-breaking technology and the transition out of military backed fiat, into peaceful, borderless cryptocurrencies. These new decentralized currencies, like Qortal,

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Anti-Crypto Cyber Pandemic

Manufacturing the Anti-Crypto Cyber Pandemic

Matthew Kratter from Trader University exposes a dystopian threat that centralized powers appear to be laying the groundwork for: an anti-crypto cyber pandemic.   Power’s invisible hands can tug on many strings, and when it comes to manufacturing crises, there

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