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Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

What’s all the hype about staking, earning yields, crypto lending and decentralized exchanges? Find out here!


The Decentralized CryptoVerse

Imagine: IRL (In Real Life) you’re seated in an interactive chair, with haptic gloves allowing you to feel digital objects, and you are peering out of the eyes of your NFT (in this case an avatar), in a digital conference

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True Crypto Decentralization

True Crypto Decentralization Explained

The astounding growth of Bitcoin and crypto has turned the cryptocurrency community into its own digital nation. Amazingly, despite such revolutionary growth, the principles of the cypherpunks: such as, our rights to digital privacy and property, our security, and true

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Defi Opportunity

DeFi Opportunity Explained by Sergey Nazarov

Sergey Nazarov, co-founder of the Chainlink blockchain (LINK), is an absolute leader in Decentralized Finance. Chainlink is the bridge between real world data and the blockchain. DeFi systems are dependent upon “oracles” to aggregate data, such as the price of

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Huge Opportunity in Crypto!

Raoul Pal, macro-economic thought leader and entrepreneur, discusses the future of cryptocurrency. Includes a great reference to the network effect in crypto, which is even outpacing the growth of the entire internet since its inception. The difference this time around…

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Crypto is Inevitable Disruption

It is easy to understand how and why change occurs through the lens of history. But looking through the lens of the future, spotting revolutionary change is an art. When it comes to technology, one way to spot groundbreaking trends

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