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Trillions Will Snowball into Bitcoin

Trillions Will Snowball into Bitcoin

Michael Saylor presents a simple case for Bitcoin’s success: Sovereign wealth funds, macro investors and corporate treasuries will exponentially increase their investments into Bitcoin, and trillions will snowball into Bitcoin as a result. As money managers ask serious questions about the nature of Bitcoin, they’ll realize why it’s much more appealing than fiat.

Right now, leaders across the globe are tired of minuscule interest earned on fiat; and people are tired of their pricing power being plundered by fiat backed Central Banks. Once courageous leaders across the globe realize that Bitcoin pioneers, like Michael Saylor, are having amazing success…. the massive Bitcoin snowball will collect momentum. And the paper cut-outs of fiat will be transformed into pristine Bitcoin.

Trillions Will Snowball into Bitcoin During this decade

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