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Plan B's Economic Outlook

Plan B’s Economic Outlook

In this latest interview, Plan B’s economic outlook is revealed.


Listeners to this video will be bestowed with an expert perspective on the future of Bitcoin from the founder of Bitcoin’s Stock-to-Flow model. Plan B’s economic outlook foretells the death of inflationary fiat and the emergence of decentralized Bitcoin.

We are losing buying power at an extraordinary rate. Central Bank leaders are shilling inflation as a temporary event due to the pandemic, Plan B disagrees. Interesting tidbit, just like Satoshi Nakamoto Plan B remains anonymous. But unlike Satoshi, he provides live interviews where only his voice is known.

“The world is drowning in money”  -Plan B

For more another video by Plan discussing Stock-to-Flow, check out: The Banned Plan B Interview

And for a full suite of Plan B related content, visit his web site: PlanBTC

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