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About CryptoLiberate

About CryptoLiberate


Our mission is to be your resource for building lasting wealth, prosperity, and sovereignty.

We are dedicated to educating and empowering cryptocurrency enthusiasts to transform the dying fiat monetary system, and the corporate controlled internet and media, into a decentralized peer-to-peer economy and culture run by the people, for the people.

About the Team



Founder of GreenMedInfo and Co-founder of Crypto Liberate. Sayer has been a crypto investor and enthusiast since 2017, and has championed sovereign individuals on their journey toward financial freedom through crypto.  He is also the international best selling author of the book REGENERATE available in 11 languages and activist for health freedom, co-founding the non-profit organization Stand for Health Freedom in 2019.


Crypto Liberate Co-founder, writer and finance professional, serving the new crypto economy by bringing to light all the advantages enabled by blockchains. After serving the fiat regime for decades as a mortgage professional, I am now dedicated to sharing all the new and exciting plateaus of Crypto with this audience. You may contact me directly at


Writer and Crypto enthusiast spreading knowledge on the current state of crypto, dedicated to bridging the moribund world of fiat surveillance capitalism, into the new, revolutionary crypto economy.