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Emerson Smith

Bitcoin Selloff

Bitcoin Selloff Analysis

Mathew Kratter from Trader University provides an analysis of the recent Bitcoin selloff. Highlights: There is a correlation between Bitcoin and risk-on assets, such as high flying tech stocks. As discussed in 2022 Bitcoin Superhighway, there is a tendency for

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2021 Crypto Compilation

Robert Kiyosaki’s 2021 Crypto Compilation

This 2021 Crypto Compilation collages an overall picture of Bitcoin and crypto, highlighting its key aspects and future direction. If you are new to crypto, this is a great introduction by Robert Kiyosaki. And if you are already familiar with

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Bitcoin Lightning Network is Fully Charged

The Bitcoin Lightning Network is Fully Charged

Lyn Alden, renowned economist and Bitcoin enthusiast, explains why the Bitcoin lightning network is fully charged and about to electrify the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. The lightning network is a second layer scaling solution for Bitcoin. It allows for speedy Bitcoin

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Who is Satoshi? We are All Satoshi!

Bitcoin was built on the shoulders of giants. Every once in a while it’s important to go back to Bitcoin’s roots and remember where revolutionary crypto all began, and it began with the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. Who is Satoshi? Well,

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Plan B's Economic Outlook

Plan B’s Economic Outlook

In this latest interview, Plan B’s economic outlook is revealed.   Listeners to this video will be bestowed with an expert perspective on the future of Bitcoin from the founder of Bitcoin’s Stock-to-Flow model. Plan B’s economic outlook foretells the

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