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Michael Saylor's Bitcoin advice

Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin Advice Everyone Must Hear

There are seers, once inspired, who are able to tap into an endless spring and share the boon of  knowledge they’ve discovered. Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin advice is such a boon: keen insight, unique perspectives and every reason under the sun as to why Bitcoin is one of your greatest treasures.

And what is Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin Advice?

Buy Bitcoin as your core asset holding and use it as leverage for every other asset. This can be somewhat trifling for everyday Bitcoin enthusiast; this video shares some of those strategies.

Some Saylor video spotlights:

    • Ability for Bitcoin to store value in ways no other asset could.
    • True inflation verse inflation as measured by the CPI.
    • Predictions on the slow collapse of fiat currencies over time; Bitcoin rise to the most valuable store of value asset.
    • Bitcoin supply analysis based on lost coins.
    • Arbitrage opportunity in buying MicroStrategy stock.
    • The most important education course according to Saylor: applied statistics.

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Opinions on CryptoLiberate are not investment advice and when purchasing any asset it is important to always do your own research.


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