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2021 Crypto Compilation

Robert Kiyosaki’s 2021 Crypto Compilation

This 2021 Crypto Compilation collages an overall picture of Bitcoin and crypto, highlighting its key aspects and future direction.

If you are new to crypto, this is a great introduction by Robert Kiyosaki. And if you are already familiar with crypto, this video provides keen insights into Bitcoin’s historical price action, future forecasts, as well as some sound bites by leading experts.

Speakers in this video:

Jeffrey Booth, tech entrepreneur and crypto investor, discusses the big picture of Bitcoin compared with centralized banking and governments.

Anthony Pompliano, Bitcoin thought-leader and early adopter, recaps Bitcoin’s historical price action and why Bitcoin volatility is par for the course for long-time adopters.

Robert Breedlove, Bitcoin philosopher and host of the What is Money? podcast, speculates on the Bitcoin price one decade out, and it’s astronomical!

Tom Wheelwright, author of Tax-Free Wealth discusses Bitcoin tax regulation.

Jeff Wang, Rich dad’s crypto expert, provides an overview of decentralized finance, blockchain decentralization and the potential for web 3.0

Lastly, Raoul Paul, professional investor and trader, discusses Bitcoin’s adoption curve.

Robert Kiyosaki’s 2021 Crypto Compilation:

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