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what is qortal?

What Is Qortal?

Founding Qortal member, Jason Crowe, provides insight and clarity into Qortal’s revolutionary internet technology.


What is Qortal? To summarize, Qortal is a community based blockchain project that is fast becoming the base layer of the truly decentralized internet, and much, much more.

Since the dawning of blockchains, profiteering sham projects have despoiled the words “Crypto” and “Decentralization”. By seeking out truly decentralized projects like Qortal, CryptoLiberate seeks to rediscover these word’s true meaning and restore them to their cypherpunk, revolutionary roots. By enabling equitable wealth opportunity and ensuring that The People’s core principles and values are reflected in the blockchain’s protocol, Qortal is a rare decentralized gem; a yet to be discovered loadstar committed to creating The People’s Internet.

Please watch, What is Qortal? and discover the new, revolutionized internet.


To learn more and get starting in Qortal, check out:

The Qortal Wiki Page

Crowetic Hardware


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3 thoughts on “What Is Qortal?”

  1. Enjoyed this captivating presentation; your enthusiasm is contagious. I’ve joined in support of your determination.
    Thanks for your courage, endurance, tenacity, compassion & dedication. May we collectively wrest sovereignty away from the oligarchy *[The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, published July 1994]* and back to the people.

    Woodstock generation granny still waiting for “we the people” to exercise control over one’s own affairs.

  2. Ditto on Kathleen’s comment! As another Woodstock generation granny I had tears in my eyes just listening to this! Having been bombarded in the last couple of years with all the talk about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, massive Inflation coming, and the “get your money out of the banks” talk, those of us who can barely keep up any understanding of it all but know we need to do SOMETHING to save ourselves from those who want to take all our money and control our lives.Maybe we are finally getting the answer in Qortal. I am joining NOW! Thanks Jason and Andy! (Also love Sayer Ji and have been a member of Green Med Info for years – happy to hear he is involved in CrytoLiberate)

  3. thanks for this! great to learn that true decentralization efforts are out there. can’t wait to get involved and want to reach out to try and join the dev team (as a recent full stack graduate). keep up the good work, cryptoliberate, and thank you for exposing me to Qortal. Peace!


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