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King of Crypto

Will the King of Crypto Continue to Rally?

At CryptoLiberate, our primary focus is always to discuss how crypto will change the world, and free us from the surveillance of floundering fiat and the Big Tech Technocracy. But today, with Bitcoin about to print an all time closing high, I would like to congratulate everyone on this journey with us into Crypto sovereignty.

Bitcoin is the King of Crypto

Though we always concentrate on long term analytics like Plan B’s stock to flow ratio, or Willy Woo’s on-chain analysis; today, it’s hard to hold back the excitement over Bitcoin’s price.

On September 14, we pointed out that the King of Crypto was on the brink of new golden cross, which is a long-term technical indicator. We also provided some historical context of this indicator in relationship to Bitcoin. Bitcoin was trading around $45,000 at that time.

While we do not provide investment advice, we do share our research and encourage our followers to do their own research as well. As you can see below, purchasing at the golden cross back in September, thus far, is working out remarkably well.

King of Crypto
Golden cross at 45,000; today’s price over 64,000

Will Bitcoin, the king of crypto, continue to rally?

Some long-term HODLers’ care mainly about buy signals, but there are others who look to take some profits at the top. For those of you interested in trying to predict a local top for Bitcoin… there is an indicator called the Pi Cycle Top Indicator. This indicator has successfully predicted the April of 2021 top, as well as the 2017 top before the crypto winter. Again, this is not investment advice, and history doesn’t always repeat itself, in fact… it doesn’t always rhyme either. But if you are into predicting tops, I wanted to share this indicator with you as another tool for your crypto tool bag.

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Long Bitcoin.



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