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Qortal: The Revolutionary Internet is Born

After years of development, the Qortal Data Network (QDN) is live!

In this interview, Jason Crowe ushers in the internet revolution with QDN. The release is nothing short of amazing and aims to recast the entire internet. In this vision, we own our data, our information is private and secure. And it’s all done on a truly decentralized blockchain.

Please check out the links below referenced in the video. And for more exciting content, check Crypto Liberate’s Qortal Section.

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Special thanks to PigPig105, who with the help of Lawnmower and Yopilax from the Qortal community, created the video’s introductory graphic.

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3 thoughts on “Qortal: The Revolutionary Internet is Born”

    • Qortal is under development, but already has a form of decentralized communication called Q-chat–highly secure, private and can’t be censored. Services like these are likely to evolve into more elaborate form better than Facebook and Twitter.


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