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Banned Plan B Interview

The Banned Plan B Interview

The Big Tech Technocracy: (Facebook (FB) , Google (GOOG), Amazon (AMZN) and Microsoft, continue to harness authoritarian control over information. This is why the advent of the decentralized CryptoVerse is more important than ever. We the People need to own the internet, so that the Big Tech Technocracy doesn’t shut down our voices.

This Banned Plan B Interview was the latest attempt by YouTube to control information.

The Big Tech Technocracy runs algorithms that automatically list or delist content, siphoning out some of the most important interviews. Or, there is a single employee that decides on whether a video or content provider should be banned. This should not happen in a country where our free speech is protected.

This video was once subject to such authoritarian control and is now back online. With corporations commanding monopolistic power over media, if we don’t create a decentralized information media platform, it will be impossible to distinguish lies from fact, and reality from distortion. The Big Tech Technocracy has a giant censure button at their fingertips. There is no clear alternative to monopolistic centralized media yet, but there are many outspoken critics tired of media centralization. And the emergence of a truly decentralized social media platform is a welcome outcome.

Many of us have heard about Plan B’s stock to flow model, but would also like to understand the nuts and bolts behind the model and why it seems to be working so well. The Banned Plan B Interview explains the model and makes for some startling predictions. I would caution that history is never a predictor of the future. And to certainly do your own research to draw your own conclusions about the future price of Bitcoin.


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