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Qortal is the truly decentralized Internet: “By the People, and For the People”. Unlike Ethereum, where only wealthy stakers can earn a staking reward, Qortal allows you to mint QORT, its native Coin, at a very low cost. Therefore, Qortal provides equal wealth opportunity for all. What else can Qortal do? Read more to find out!

what is qortal?

What Is Qortal?

Founding Qortal member, Jason Crowe, provides insight and clarity into Qortal’s revolutionary internet technology.   What is Qortal? To summarize, Qortal is a community based blockchain project that is fast becoming the base layer of the truly decentralized internet, and

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Blockchain governance

Sovereign Crypto Unleashed

There is a sea change occurring by way of sovereign crypto, the enormity of which is difficult to measure.   From the perspective of actual use cases, how do you calculate the value of women in Afghanistan receiving Bitcoin to

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Crypto is Inevitable Disruption

It is easy to understand how and why change occurs through the lens of history. But looking through the lens of the future, spotting revolutionary change is an art. When it comes to technology, one way to spot groundbreaking trends

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Crypto Democracy Now!

The reclamation of our sovereign future will depend upon how we assimilate blockchain technology into our lives. We are at an epochal crossroads. The future has never looked brighter or bleaker depending upon which road we take. The first road

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Qortal: A Low Cost Mining Alternative

Check out the latest video for Qortal where Yopilax interviews the Qortal founders Crowetic and G-Factor. You can now purchase a QORTector at and start minting QORT at a low cost and low power. Qortal is an exciting crypto

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