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Beyond Bitcoin: Qortal and True Internet Decentralization

This video with Sayer Ji, co-founder of CryptoLiberate, and Jason Crowe, founding member of Qortal, did have some technical difficulties, but its message still resonates. We need a free speech platform owned By the People and For the People., which is hosting this video, was created because of the deplatforming events by The Big Tech Technocracy in an effort to silence our voices. Sayer Ji, and many, many others have been a victim to such illegal censorship and are embracing deplatforming-resistant-technology. is in its early development stages, but the work being done here is for us to have a place to reclaim our sovereignty from the centralized internet, where our voices cannot be deplatformed. Qortal is on the same mission.

That is why this interview with Sayer Ji and Jason Crowe is so important.

What many of us do not understand about blockchains and cryptocurrency is how revolutionary truly decentralized blockchain protocols are: they will one day secure data transfer and enable people to own the blockchain networks that our data is exchanged upon. Cryptocurrencies, like Qortal, will become the base layer of the internet.

In other words, as was the original vision of the CypherpunksWe the People will own the new internet. And we can do this by taking part in the right crypto projects.

What does this mean exactly?

The current internet is highly un-secure and centralized, meaning… it’s owned by Big Tech and corporations. Since they own the majority of the servers that run the network, they also own the Internet itself. They can silence any voice at their behest, just like Sayer’s was.

And TCP/IP (the protocol that runs the existing internet infrastructure), does not have cryptographic protection of its data transfer, which is why internet hacks have become so commonplace.

Right now, with every click that you make, you are rolling the digital dice on the information superhighway… where your information can be hacked, stolen, and even sold on the dark web.

Compare this to decentralized blockchains, where our data is protected by cryptography and every single exchange of information is secured through a hash function. Severs are thereby replaced by decentralized nodes. This will enable the same security that is used to protect nuclear arsenals to secure every exchange of data, and allow that information to be sent over a network owned by us.

Look at this way… the foundation of the current internet is a protocol: computer code. And blockchain technology is a revolutionary new protocol, which will evolve into becoming the base layer of the entire internet infrastructure.

We the People will reclaim our sovereignty on the cryptographically secured Internet.

Pardon the long introduction… I just want everyone to understand how important the work Qortal and BeSovereign is doing. Once Qortal develops its data hosting, web sites such as will have a truly decentralized internet platform to broadcast from: a secure platform, that is owned by the people and cannot be taken down by centralized Big Tech.

Who controls the protocol, controls the future.

When we speak truth to power, and create our own decentralized internet by owning and adopting truly decentralized crypto… we are creating a sovereign future for ourselves and our children. Once again, please see past the technical difficulties in this video, as the message being delivered here is far more important.

To learn more about Qortal, check out Qortal’s Wiki Page.

And for great content that will never be deplatformed, check out

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