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Sayer Ji

Sayer Ji: Be Sovereign with Crypto

Sayer Ji, co-founder of CryptoLiberate, eloquently expresses the essential reasons to embrace sovereign, truly decentralized crypto.

Sayer Ji brings a rare perspective on the downfalls of money-printed fiat.

History is fraught with examples of nations competing on the world-stage with military-backed currencies, which all too often leads to trade wars, and even outright military action.

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency is revolutionary because it cuts out the middleman, which are the brokerages, banks, global Central Banks, and even nation-lead governments who are in a constant, unseen battle for currency domination.

Bitcoin is peace: It has no border, declares no national allegiance, its monetary policy is built into its code, and its security is cryptography.

Also mentioned in this video is Qortal, which is much like Bitcoin’s younger sibling… eager to revolutionize the centralized Internet with its cypherpunk vision.

People who are unbanked and living in hyperinflation-sensitive-nations across the world experience the impacts of these silent currency wars in ways unimaginable to us (some can no longer can afford their basic needs as their currencies lost all buying power). The inflation rates broadcast across mainstream media are extremely understated, as are its impacts to these unheard voices, whom are never reflected within Wall Street’s numbers.

While most of the crypto headlines and videos on crypto are click-bait, fear-mongering, and price-centric, here at CryptoLiberate we are exploring the revolutionary characteristics of cryptocurrency… especially, how truly decentralized crypto will help us escape from the Central Bank money-printing-regime and the Big Tech dominated Internet.

In this interview by Patrick Gentempo, you’ll understand why Sayer Ji is an emergent philosophical voice in crypto.

The future of our children is dependent upon Us taking back our sovereignty from these centralized, hegemonic powers. Learning about and taking part in decentralized crypto is our best chance to reclaim our digital and financial freedom.

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1 thought on “Sayer Ji: Be Sovereign with Crypto”

  1. I love what you do. True freedom is created by free choices. Sayer Ji, You’re a wonderful representation of truth and light. Crypto is a divine message to all of us- a ticket to freedom. Love you guys. Ibi


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