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Qortal Crypto

Qortal: Massive Equal Wealth Opportunity

In the land of crypto, wealth and opportunity can cloud over crypto’s revolutionary characteristics, which are its world-changing values, its ground-breaking technology and the transition out of military backed fiat, into peaceful, borderless cryptocurrencies. These new decentralized currencies, like Qortal, will one day transform our unfair and oppressive power structures into a sovereign economy that is for the people, and by the people.

It is for these reasons, that I have been hesitant to write much about the wealth opportunity that community-driven and decentralization-focused projects can present.

I would much rather beat the drum, over and over, about how truly decentralized crypto projects, could one day replace the entire internet infrastructure, which will be secured through people-enabled crypto.

But here I will digress, put on my investment hat, and try to communicate the potential wealth opportunity available to early QORT adopters.Qortal

Note: this article is not investment advice. It is only meant to inform. And I am personally a long-term HODLer’ of QORT and am a believer in what the community is looking to accomplish, which is the creation of a truly decentralized internet owned by everyone, rather than Big Tech.


At the time of writing this… the market cap of QORT (the native coin that runs on the Qortal Network) is roughly 3 million dollars. Compare this to the price of other platform projects like Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, etc., which are all multi-billion-dollar projects… you can then see the potential wealth opportunity here. I.e., if QORT were to 100x from here, its market cap would still only be around 300 million, far below the mega platform projects just mentioned.

You may think it’s unreasonable to compare such a small project to these heavyweights. But it not, and here’s why:

Qortal is so committed to the values of true decentralization, that its founders launched the project without an ICO (initial coin offering) or IEO (initial exchange offering). Projects like Ethereum allocated a large part of its native token to their founders, then had ICOs to raise money, which resulted in its founders becoming wealthy beyond comprehension (for ethical reasons, Qortal refused to launch in this manner). This model of enriching project creators has been recreated over and over in some shape or form by just about every cryptocurrency out there… it has been done to the point where the original Cypherpunk values of decentralization are comprised within the cryptosphere.

Jason Crowe, founding Qortal member, along with G Factor (and so many others) made sure that Qortal did not follow this sell-out path of crypto creation. They took the less traveled grass roots approach of organic, ground up adoption and built a community committed to decentralization, and the Cypherpunk values intended to one day transform the world. Jason has been involved in blockchains since the early days; he is a purveyor and protector of these values.

As most exchanges have centralized components to them, you will not find QORT listed on any exchange yet. There is litmus test to any developments or partnerships formed within the Qortal community, and this is to protect the ideals of true decentralization. This is not to say the Qortal community is averse to being listed on an exchange, it is just that a consensus exists within the community that QORT will only be made available on a truly decentralized exchanges.

And if you are assuming that QORT technology is not as advanced as these other blockchains. This, by far, is not the case. I’ll just point out some of the groundbreaking tech Qortal has introduced:

Q-Chat: a fully decentralized chat secured through cryptography where un-hackable messages can be seen sent peer-to-peer.

Minting: a revolutionary way of securing a blockchain network where the reward share is distributed equally to all minters based on their contribution (the more you mint QORT, the more you level up and earn greater rewards). At the time of writing this: to set up Bitcoin mining, the cost is roughly $250,000 for a chance at the reward share; and to stake Ethereum, you’ll need 32 Ether (which is roughly $150,000 worth of Ether by today’s price). Contrarily, you can mint QORT on any computer at a low cost if you choose.

Cross-chain operability: through the trading platform direct cross-chain swaps are available. This enables the trading platform to remain peer-to-peer even as you exchange Litecoin or Dogecoin for QORT (the two cryptocurrencies currently available for direct swap).

Data hosting: this is going live within the next couple months and will allow for any one to store data on the Qortal network, this will eventually include web site hosting—thus ushering in the truly decentralized internet.

Let’s fathom what this means—the entire internet will transition to run on a blockchain. Servers will become nodes where every transaction (every exchange of data) is secured by cryptography. This is inevitable. Our current internet is highly insecure and being hacked at an alarming rate.

Thus, one day truly decentralized blockchains like Qortal will replace the current unsecure, internet infrastructure.

What kind of value will this unlock?Qortal

The internet is currently worth in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. The future decentralized and secure internet will be worth even more… and We the People will own it through cryptocurrency.

There you have it. The Qortal project is grass roots, organic growth. That is how the founders intended it. It wasn’t created to make massive amounts of money for people. As a matter of fact, in the beginning stages the community did not want astronomic growth while the foundation was being built. This would only have been a distraction from the real work of building a blockchain For the People. The Qortal network has evolved greatly since its inception, and the community is looking to sponsor more members and minters to burgeon the internet revolution.

Yes, I do believe there is a massive wealth opportunity here. But if you are thinking about joining the Qortal community, focus on its culture, its Cypherpunk values, and the genuine commitment to decentralization… so that we can all reclaim our individual sovereignty from the Big Tech controlled internet.

Here are some links to learn more about Qortal, and joining the decentralization revolution:

Qortal’s Wiki Page

Crowetic Hardware (Home of the Original QORTector)

Our very own Qortal Section

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19 thoughts on “Qortal: Massive Equal Wealth Opportunity”

  1. Wonderful to learn your motivation and how you intend implementation. The militarized fiat producers own the hardware infrastructure, satellites , etc. , so “we” then need to build “our” own in contrast to make the project viable?

    • Hi Henry, best to join the Qortal community True internet decentralization will replace centralized servers with nodes spread out all across the world. We the People will drive its direction and growth, as opposed to Big Tech.

  2. I downloaded Qortal but when I open it, I keep getting an error message: Your connection to Qortal Core was lost” and none of the pages on Qortal finish downloading anything. My internet connection is good so I’m not sure why the connection to Qortal Core was lost, or what that even really means. Is anyone familiar with this problem?

  3. I would love to join your project
    but I am unable to understand how to buy Qortal crypto
    I don’t know anything about minting
    and the page for exchange (ciyam?) it sound like
    a foreign language for me.
    Sorry, would appreciate some help from you.

  4. I am interested in cryptocurrency but I find it very difficult to understand it. Where can I find customized, personal help? Is there a website or a bunch of people that help people like me?

    • Hi Angela, you can sign up for our telegram for daily crypto news. There is also a telegram chat option to ask questions. Also, please check out our Crypto Liberate education section on our website. Best place to start is with the articles: Crypto Wallets and What is Cryptocurrency?


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