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floundering fiat

Will Bitcoin Cause Floundering Fiat to Collapse?

In this video, Michael Saylor prepares us for a crypto economy based on Bitcoin. Floundering fiat’s future looks grimmer every time that central banks around the world flood the economy with more money supply. Prices rise, inflation ensues and our buying power is stolen. Bitcoin is our only hope.

Will Bitcoin Cause Floundering Fiat to Collapse?

Key  points:

  • The extraordinary annual returns over the last decade makes holding Bitcoin a wise decision, rather than spend your Bitcoin, it may be better to borrower off of it as collateral for your expenses. By not spending your Bitcoin, you will not have to pay taxes on it, and if the long term rate of growth of Bitcoin outpaces the diminishing purchasing power of fiat, it may make more sense to own Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin is property that can be exchanged at the speed of transaction. Rather than locking into to assets where it is difficult to their extract value, Bitcoin’s value is an extremely liquid store of value.

Please note: This is not investment advice. When making investment decisions it is important to do your own research.

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