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Georgie Soros

Matthew Kratter: Inflation is theft

Matthew Kratter: Beware of Government Vampires!

In this video, Matthew Kratter from Trader University, outlines the impacts of financial repression. If you had any doubts about the theft of pricing power through money printing, watch this video. Bitcoin is our best method of escaping from financial

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Is a Dystopian Future Inevitable?

Imagine a dystopian future where governments and corporations monitor and control access to all of your online activity, every transaction that you make, and even your travel destinations. This isn’t a brooding sci-fi novel foretelling of a bleak, Orwellian future…

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Anti-Crypto Cyber Pandemic

Manufacturing the Anti-Crypto Cyber Pandemic

Matthew Kratter from Trader University exposes a dystopian threat that centralized powers appear to be laying the groundwork for: an anti-crypto cyber pandemic.   Power’s invisible hands can tug on many strings, and when it comes to manufacturing crises, there

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Too Late to Buy Bitcoin

Too Late to Buy Bitcoin?

Is it too late to buy Bitcoin? With the explosive growth of Bitcoin and the recent volatility, people who are looking to buy Bitcoin for the first time (or add to their hodlings’) may be wondering if it is too

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Buy Bitcoin Before the World Wakes Up

Buy Bitcoin Before the World Wakes Up!

In this video, Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, dissects the history of the fiat gold standard. And how in the last decade Bitcoin has emerged as the de facto store of value beyond all other assets. “Buy Bitcoin Before the

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Huge Opportunity in Crypto!

Raoul Pal, macro-economic thought leader and entrepreneur, discusses the future of cryptocurrency. Includes a great reference to the network effect in crypto, which is even outpacing the growth of the entire internet since its inception. The difference this time around…

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