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Is a Dystopian Future Inevitable?

Imagine a dystopian future where governments and corporations monitor and control access to all of your online activity, every transaction that you make, and even your travel destinations. This isn’t a brooding sci-fi novel foretelling of a bleak, Orwellian future… it’s happening right now. Matthew Kratter from Trader University describes a chilling chain of events, which are being woven into the fabric of tomorrow.

Is a dystopian future inevitable?

In this video, though Matthew Kratter sees Bitcoin as our best hope, crypto projects with Cypherpunk values at their core, can usher in a new age of blockchain governance that can free us authoritarianism. By learning about Bitcoin and truly decentralized blockchains, we can all do our part to take power back from the Central Banks and the the Big Tech Technocracy.

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16 thoughts on “Is a Dystopian Future Inevitable?”

      • Hi Tracy,

        Check out my to Robin in this thread. I’m all too familiar with KYC (know your customer) regulation having spent much of my career in mortgages. Since Bitcoin is peer-to-peer and can be exchanged directly from one decentralized wallet to another, there are ways to acquire Bitcoin with KYC.

    • Bitcoin is escape from fiat, in more ways than we initially can imagine. The internet infrastructure is built on TCP/IP protocol. But imagine an internet where every exchange of data is not on a centralized server, but on truly decentralized blockchain protocol. If a blockchain is truly decentralized, it is for The People. This is possible, and its only We The People that can make it happen.

        • In that regard, all fiat transactions through a bank are much less private than Bitcoin. Though I do agree, Bitcoin is missing some privacy elements. Good news though, the upcoming Taproot upgrade will make Bitcoin more private. And Bitcoin received through a node running on a VPN through an automatic transfer may be untraceable. There are degrees to privacy. I would say, Bitcoin is pseudonymous, but not anonymous… meaning… it traceable it to account, but not necessarily traceable to the actual person who is the wallet holder of the account.

  1. How does someone get started with switching from the current monetary system to bitcoin? What if they shut down internet/power grid? How do we purchase bitcoin if cash is no more?? If they switch us to digital currency and my employer is paying me in that way, do I buy bitcoin with digital currency..?? Can’t they track me doing that and then penalize me for buying bitcoin, by debiting my digital money..?? There are so many blanks in this system concept for average people like me. I’m also not understanding how to buy bitcoin outside of the internet?

    • Hi Robin,

      Most choose a well known exchange like Coinbase to exchange fiat (ex, US dollars) for crypto, then move the money into a decentralized crypto wallet. Check out our Crypto Education section for getting started. I think it will take some time for a CBDC (central bank digital currency) to take hold, which is why we need to start thinking about decentralized currencies like Bitcoin. Regarding privacy, with a CBDC you will likely have none, but with Bitcoin… please see my response to Jane in this thread. Thank you for your questions.

  2. Hi All

    Great content. Thanks

    In this video you mentioned the Blockstream satellites to replace internet if that goes down. How do we connect to that? Satellite phones? Please explain as the internet will be totally controlled and we will all need access to our crypto. Thank you in advance

    • Exchanging fiat (government back money) for decentralized cryptocurrencies is how we can take power back from the central banks. Low interest rates, stimulus checks, and Fed buyback of bonds is causing inflation, and depreciating our buying power. If a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, with a fixed supply is adopted, central banks will no longer have the ability to manipulate our currency.


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