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Anti-Crypto Cyber Pandemic

Manufacturing the Anti-Crypto Cyber Pandemic

Matthew Kratter from Trader University exposes a dystopian threat that centralized powers appear to be laying the groundwork for: an anti-crypto cyber pandemic.


Power’s invisible hands can tug on many strings, and when it comes to manufacturing crises, there always seems to be some clandestine corporation, agency, or nation capitalizing on our fears. Given the sensitivity of the subject matter, with trepidation Matthew reveals that the next “crisis” will be a cyber pandemic. He believes politicians and centralized agencies alike will hone in on this new fear narrative to ban Bitcoin. In fact, both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have already publicly shunted Bitcoin… could this be a primer for things to come?

Ironically, the best way to avoid massive internet attacks and outages that a cyber pandemic would entail, is to secure the internet with a public blockchain (like Bitcoin).

This is a chilling video predicting an anti-crypto cyber pandemic. It gives you all the more reason to HODL sovereign, decentralized crypto, and to be mindful of the coercive activities that can lead toward an authoritarian subversion of our Democracy.



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