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Woodies: How an NFT Community Raised Funds to Plant 1,000,000 Trees

Woodies demonstrates the power of NFTs: where one of the top ten NFT donations to date has now enabled 1,000,000 trees to come to life, along with their Woodies NFT friends.

NFTs are more than just pixel dust. They are on the cutting edge of a paradigm shift into the community-based creator economy.

Crypto hype is often sightless; investors FOMO in like blind moths… their vision seared by the bright lights of wealth. Yet, every so often a project like Woodies comes along with a genuine roadmap, great artwork, dedicated developers, and a community of forest foundlings focused on a just cause.

Blockchain technology through NFTs is recreating the way communities come together and rally behind their passions. Unlike their digital predecessors (.jpeg, .gif, and .img files), NFTs are time-stamped, copyrighted, one-of-a-kind creations existing on the blockchain. They cannot be replicated, and can be a ticket to fund the causes we care about.

Artistic NFT rendering of Arden

Woodies characters are 10,000 adorable artistic creations with an entire lore behind them. The villain of the story is the profiteering logger, who mercilessly chops down trees within their natural habitats. And as the story is told, these trees magically come to life as NFTs with the help of Arden, Merkle, and many other core characters. Woodies are fighting for our forests by standing up to the nefarious logger. By adopting your own Woodie, you too can take part in the battle for forest preservation.

Buying a Woodies NFT thus empowers the project to reach its goals. Over one million in funds that were raised through the project are allocated to Trees for the Future–a charitable organization dedicated to planting trees.

This is community charity at is finest. Demonstrating how activism could even be fun, and how community powered NFTs represent a whole new way to support our passion. Anyone can join the Woodies discord and talk about their beloved Woodie. This is where new ideas emerge to support the project’s environmental principles. In fact, all ideas concerning the future direction of the project are welcomed and considered by the community… their discord channel holds weekly camp councils where questions can be answered and topics discussed. It is in this way that great NFT projects can bring together like-minded individuals to help our planet.

Woodies are Enabling Community-Based Creator Economies

The Woodies project goes beyond planting trees… even though this accomplishment alone is amazing enough, the Woodies lore is a great way to teach our children about how to protect and care for our Mother planet. Within their roadmap are future outdoor events where Woodies NFT holders can harmonize with nature together. There is the potential for a television series too; and one day the Woodies community will be able to transform into their Woodies NFT as an avatar in the Metaverse… a space to gather around a 3D campfire and chat in virtual reality.

The possibilities are limitless, as the value of Woodies is forever tied to the community itself. And blockchain enabled NFTs unlock the imaginations of creators. Woodies NFTs exemplify a new kind of ownership: the old model of capitalism is a board of directors deciding the future direction organizations: akin to the villainous logger stopping at nothing for profit (even if it means destroying our natural resources). Now, weave in an eco-friendly project like Woodies into the fabric of our culture, and we have new kind of economic system: a community-based creator economy.

This is a paradigm shift where we can decide the future for ourselves… just like the Woodies NFT holders who are recreating the world one magical tree at time. Sprinkle in a little pixel dust and some imagination, and everyone can see how NFTs are more than the hype. They’re the building blocks a for decentralized, community-based ecosystem.

For more information on Woodies, check out the Woodies website.

If you would like to learn more about NFTs, check out the NFT section on Crypto Liberate.

Please note: I am a Woodies owner and plan on holding long term, as I believe in the principles that the Woodies project stands for. Also, not all NFT projects are created alike, and as this is an unregulated space… some NFT project are scams. But if you are aware of other community-based creator economy NFT projects changing the world for the better, please let us know, as we’re excited to raise awareness backed by awesome causes.

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