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Buy Bitcoin Before the World Wakes Up

Buy Bitcoin Before the World Wakes Up!

In this video, Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, dissects the history of the fiat gold standard. And how in the last decade Bitcoin has emerged as the de facto store of value beyond all other assets. “Buy Bitcoin Before the

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Bitcoin Energy Consumption

The Real Truth About Bitcoin’s Energy Usage

“If governments regulate and tax carbon, then bitcoin demand actually supports and incentivizes, and in a way subsidizes, the installation of renewable energy.”  -Andreas Antonopoulos-     In this video Bitcoin philosopher king, Andreas Antonopoulos, provides his perspective on Bitcoin energy

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Willy Woo’s New Bitcoin Price Prediction

Willy Woo discusses the Bitcoin price and how this bull market is different than the last. In the past, Bitcoin has been known for its blow off tops and major drops of over 80% of its original value. Though still

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The Crypto Community Strikes Back!

The crypto community has shouted back to congress in a big way. A giant billboard now broods over Alabama calling out Senator Shelby.  Senator Shelby was the only holdout vote to amend the unfair language toward crypto within the new

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Crypto the Platypus

Cryptocurrency is its own creature. If it were an animal, it would be much like the platypus, which took taxonomists 80 years to decide what the platypus actually is. Crypto may not have a duckbill, fin-like appendages, and a tail,

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