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The Crypto Community Strikes Back!

The crypto community has shouted back to congress in a big way. A giant billboard now broods over Alabama calling out Senator Shelby.  Senator Shelby was the only holdout vote to amend the unfair language toward crypto within the new infrastructure bill. Let this be a message to congress. The crypto industry is now 2 trillion dollars strong with deep pocketed support by a crypto community that is more concerned about our individual and human rights than anything else.

In its current state, the language in the bill seems to imply that exchanges, miners, and developers act as stockbrokers when it comes to crypto. This certainly is not the case. Crypto, as it gestates, is emerging as its own financial and technological entity. Any unfair legislation in the United States at this point will create an unfriendly environment for crypto development within in the US. Under such a scenario, crypto businesses and talent will likely establish themselves in countries that treat cryptocurrencies more fairly.

It’s a welcome sign, literally below, that @FIGHTFORTHEFTR has called out Senator Shelby. It’s a warning to all legislators that there will be political consequences for any unfair treatment to this burgeoning industry.

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