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golden cross

Golden Cross Immanent for Bitcoin

Is the Bitcoin Golden Cross a Buy Signal? Mainstream crypto media has picked up on the golden cross buy-signal and you may be wondering if it is useful. For the crypto believers who have followed Crypto Liberate and its media,

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Cathie Wood

Cathie Wood: Amazing Crypto Discussion

Extraordinary Interview with Cathie Wood. A panel of crypto experts and Cathie Wood, the cutting edge manager of Ark Invest and crypto evangelist, discusses why institutions are getting it wrong when investing in innovation. She describes herself as an “odd duck”

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Energy Revolution through Bitcoin!

Politicians and Mainstream Media Unfairly Demonize Bitcoin’s Energy Use One of Bitcoin’s primary criticisms is, in fact, its greatest strengths. And that is its energy cost-efficiency. Unfortunately, mainstream media and politicians alike have been too quick to condemn Bitcoin’s energy

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Lyn Alden

Lyn Alden: “Bitcoin is the Best Shot We Have”

Lyn Alden, renowned investment strategist and macro economist with an electrical engineering background, provides inspired insight into the inner working of Bitcoin. In this video, she breaks down the bull case for Bitcoin, discusses Bitcoin 51% attack resistance compared to

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Buy Bitcoin Before the World Wakes Up

Buy Bitcoin Before the World Wakes Up!

In this video, Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, dissects the history of the fiat gold standard. And how in the last decade Bitcoin has emerged as the de facto store of value beyond all other assets. “Buy Bitcoin Before the

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