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Cathie Wood

Cathie Wood: Amazing Crypto Discussion

Extraordinary Interview with Cathie Wood.

A panel of crypto experts and Cathie Wood, the cutting edge manager of Ark Invest and crypto evangelist, discusses why institutions are getting it wrong when investing in innovation. She describes herself as an “odd duck” in the investment world; unlike competing asset managers, she looks toward the future to determine her investment strategies rather than the past.

Decentralized crypto is a democracy of technology created for the people, so it’s no wonder that wall street has been hesitant to put their treasuries into crypto assets (as their money has always been aligned with big money interests). With crypto, retail investors (everyday people) still outshine the institutions. Crypto is our best opportunity to reclaim our digital and financial independence from a world dominated by fiat banking giants.

“The regulatory heat that we is taking place now is because the banks are beginning to see how much [crypto] is going to hollow them out” -Cathie Wood

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