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Qortal Chugging Up the Blockchain Mountain

Qortal keeps chugging up the blockchain mountain toward true decentralization and is now listed on Coinmarketcap!

There are very few crypto projects today adhering to Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of decentralization, Qortal is the rare exception!

Important to note: on Coinmarketcap’s site, QORT is improperly referenced on the site. QORT is NOT a token, it is a Coin.

Why is this detail so important?

The majority of all popular tokens today were listed through ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) or IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings). Most of these public sales were fabricated by their founders to allot a major portion of pre-sale tokens exclusively to themselves. The founders then shilled their crypto in an effort to raise the price before public access… all in effort to 100x the token’s value at launch. This practice creates massive profits for themselves at the community’s expense.

Qortal’s founders refused to take part in such nefarious tactics, and instead launched quietly aiming for grass-roots, organic growth. The SEC is soon likely to deem such pre-sale tokens as securities, and those founders will likely face regulatory repercussions. To the contrary, Qortal does not fall under such regulation as QORT is a coin native to its network. No ICO or IEO; rather, it burgeoning from the roots of the community.

And how well is the project growing. There are currently 2022 nodes running the network, compare that to Litecoin (ranked number 15 on coinmarketcap), which has only 1351 nodes running. That is 671 more nodes than Litecoin!

While other cryptocurrencies are concentrated on elaborate marketing schemes and blowing up the price of their tokens through pump and dumps, Qortal keeps chugging up the blockchain mountain and stays focused on bringing Cypherpunk values to the blockchain.


To better understand what these principals and values are, check out this Qortal video link recently posted in Qortal’s telegram channel.


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