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Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor: Crypto Poet!

Michael Saylor, Microstrategy CEO and Bitcoin evangelist, eloquently describes the balance of power made possible through Bitcoin. His words resonate throughout the crypto community providing keen insights and perspective.

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Who is Michael Saylor?

In a world powered by fiat dollars and technocracy, Saylor defies traditional investment advise by investing Microstrategy’s treasury heavily in Bitcoin, in the order of billions of dollars. He has already prepared his shareholders for future downturns that many come by constantly reminding his audience that those who HODL’d Bitcoin for more than 4 years have never lost. Therein, Bitcoin has rewarded the most patient investors throughout its history.

Some refer to his prowess as economic analyst, soothsayer and even a futurist–thus, he wears many wizard hats, and they all point in one direction… upward for Bitcoin.

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