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Are we in a Bitcoin Super Cycle?

Michael Saylor provides keen insight into Bitcoin’s future, and inadvertently makes the case for a Bitcoin Super Cycle.

In this video, Michael describes the barriers to entry when initially buying Bitcoin for MicroStrategy. This was a blessing, as he was able to get in before other institutions were able to. In fact, there are many institutions still cutting through the accounting and regulatory red tape before they can purchase Bitcoin.

This pent up demand may lead to a Bitcoin super cycle, where the traditional 4 year halving cyclicality is broken.

Another significant announcement discussed, the FDIC is working with the Federal Reserve to provide guidance for banks looking to incorporate cryptocurrency into their holdings.

“When the FDIC finally approves banks to hold Bitcoin on their balance sheets: everyone will want to buy it, nobody will want to sell it, and you won’t be able to afford it.” – Michael Saylor


Please note: this is not investment advice and is purely informational for your own decision making.

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