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Biden's Crypto Roadmap

Biden’s Crypto Roadmap

An Executive Order outlining Biden’s crypto roadmap will be signed today, thus allaying much of the regulatory fears. Bitcoin and the crypto market like the clarity, and are rallying as result. In this video, Matthew Kratter from Trading University takes

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Matthew Kratter: Inflation is theft

Matthew Kratter: Beware of Government Vampires!

In this video, Matthew Kratter from Trader University, outlines the impacts of financial repression. If you had any doubts about the theft of pricing power through money printing, watch this video. Bitcoin is our best method of escaping from financial

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Bitcoin Selloff

Bitcoin Selloff Analysis

Mathew Kratter from Trader University provides an analysis of the recent Bitcoin selloff. Highlights: There is a correlation between Bitcoin and risk-on assets, such as high flying tech stocks. As discussed in 2022 Bitcoin Superhighway, there is a tendency for

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