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Qortal: Democratic, Private, and Decentralized

If you are looking to get involved in a project that still has low barriers to entry, check out Qortal – Qortal. It’s a project on the ground floor where there are minters rather miners. The founders are looking to create a democratic, decentralized and private blockchain where the cost to mine doesn’t become unaffordable and everyone gets a voice in the project direction. In this system, the block rewards are divided among the minters. We found it to be a very intriguing alternative to the current popular blockchains, as the proof-of-stake and proof-of-work protocols are becoming synonymous with proof-of-wealth. Wealth inequality is being exacerbated through current blockchains; Qortal is very compelling alternative.

Also, if you are aware of any other blockchains that are private, democratic, decentralized and designed to always be financially accessible—please let us know. Blockchains are losing touch with cypherpunk values and we need to remain vigilant in our support of projects remaining true to the cypherpunk ideals of privacy, wealth equality, democracy and decentralization. Blockchains will become the technocracy of our future, and if the wrong protocols win out the day, our lives will be greatly impacted.

Disclosure: Long Qortal

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