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Does Bitcoin Need a Plan B?

Does Bitcoin Need a Plan B?

Plan B’s stock-to-flow model is trending below its predictive levels.  Begging the question…Does Bitcoin Need a Plan B? The model was devised to determine a price range over time based on its scarcity and fixed supply. However, lately it has fallen below even its own range.

With mainstream media reassessing the models accuracy, Plan B has spoken out defending his model and explaining why we’ve been trading below his expectations.

Does Bitcoin Need a Plan B?

No, because whether Plan B’s model works or not, Bitcoin will thrive regardless.  Bitcoin’s plan A has been working since its inception. And though Bitcoin has been susceptible to 4-year market cycles, this time around, Bitcoin has actually been less volatile compared to previous runs.

However, given Plan B’s predictive success over the years… his current take on where we go from here is a worthwhile listen. And analysts like Plan B are on the cutting-edge of on-chain analytics. In that regard, he’s on the vanguard of making sense on how to apply valuations to crypto.

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