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Decentralized Science

DeCentralized Science

Decentralized Science exemplifies  the potential for fair scientific funding in the future.

Truly decentralized blockchains with decentralized assets aiming to fund scientific research democratically will enable science to be funded By the People and For the People.

How can Decentralized Science happen?

First, we need a truly decentralized blockchain. One that is not controlled by wealth and one that provides equal wealth opportunity for all of those who participate on that blockchain.

Secondly, there must be a way to raise funding… through an asset, such as an NFT or token, that runs on such a blockchain.

And lastly, there must be a voting mechanism built into the blockchain, which will allow fair representation to determine how assets will be distributed to scientific research. DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations, offer the best solution for such a voting system; however, DAOs are being battle-tested and are still in pursuit of fair representation of the people.

Why is Decentralized Science Important for Humanity?

Here is the end game… a future of science funded by The People, and not by corporate interests whom are bias toward their own financial goals.

One of the biggest problems in the information produced by modern science is that it is skewed by corporate funding backing it. 

As long as the majority of scientific research is funded by corporate interests aiming for results that are fitting with their own potential profits, information will always be biased toward those desired results. The overall result is a continued imbalance of facts.

People take science for truth, but there is a difference between truth and facts.

The collections of many facts may lead one to believe in a certain truth. And this is the biggest problem. Without a fair, unbiased, funding of research… we are left only with facts supportive of these profiteering entities. And the public mindset hears the results of these fact finding missions without the larger body of research representative of Their Interests’ ever being funded.

The Enormous Mountain of Skewed Centralized Science We Must Counterbalance

Millenia has passed with science being funded by the interests of the few, rather than the interests of  The People. And as scientific research builds upon itself, an unchallengeable fortress has been created. A fortress of fact centered on desired outcomes, but again… these facts are not reflective of the truth. The mountain was created for the purpose of supporting those who would gain from such research.

This is not to say the science itself cannot be trusted, but that the total body of science currently existing misrepresents truth.

The facts spit out from the research machines of billionaire corporations may indeed be facts. But the larger body of alternative hypotheses are never funded, and thus these results remain silent.  Such unfound facts are the forever unknown.  By this mechanism, science never gets to the truth of the matter; it is only a tool for garnering enough support to produce a profitable product. The science of today points where the corporate flashlights shine.

And we are moths skewed to the light of such billionaire interests’.

The most obvious and discussed examples are drug companies. If billionaire corporations are in fact finding missions to “prove” their medicines and drugs are effective and healthy, and when there is no equal budget or monetary power to research theses contrary to these, the budgets of these corporations alone build bodies of evidence only in favor of their goal, which is profit.

Decentralized Science could create a mechanism where research is in sync with the People’s Will, and not the desired outcome of corporations.

Science may lead to the discovery of facts. But until the opposing hypotheses are funded in an amount equal to the budgets that are funding research for profitable outcomes, our science will only represent skewed facts and never the truth.

Decentralized Science, through blockchains, may be our best solution to the current insidious machinery funding partial and biased science.

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