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Crypto Sovereignty

Cryptocurrencies are revolutionary, in that they will free us from a dying centralized economic system of surveillance capitalism, and also us to build a new internet, an internet 3.0 where every voice can share in an equal balance of power. This section enumerates the stories, projects and happenings that impact our sovereign digital future.

Are Popular Blockchains Now Proof-of-Wealth?

Blockchains are the foundation of cryptocurrencies. They each can have their own means of arriving at consensus. For example, the consensus protocol of Bitcoin’s blockchain (BTC) is based on proof-of work, while Cardano’s blockchain (ADA) is run by proof-of stake.

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Civil Liberty, Technology, and Cryptocurrency

The ongoing need for the continued development of digital technology and balancing those needs with the preservation of our constitutional rights, cannot be solved by either governmental regulation, or self-regulation by big tech firms alone. The congressional hearing by the

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