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Bitcoin Mayor Francis Suarez

Will Bitcoin Mayor Francis Suarez Run for President?

In this video, Bitcoin Mayor Francis Suarez of the City of Miami touts Bitcoin. He is operating the City of Miami with a budget surplus, and has embraced Miami coin on the Bitcoin blockchain through the Stack’s protocol, which has already amassed $30 million to Miami’s coffers. With Miami fast-becoming the Bitcoin capital of the world:

Is the Bitcoin Mayor Francis Suarez going to run for the office of the  U.S Presidency?

In this video from What Bitcoin Did?interviewer Peter McCormack explores the politics of Bitcoin and its widespread economic benefits. And it seems mayor Suarez may indeed have presidential ambitions.

Here are some of the highlighted quotes from the Bitcoin Mayor Francis Suarez:

“Bitcoin has the ability to peacefully eradicate communism on the planet.”

“Bitcoin creates a system of exchange where people are not subjected to the wild inflation and wild evaluation of currencies through often times corrupt actors. So I think that is one of the biggest things and why you are seeing it in Central American, that is why are seeing it in South American and in Africa  And I think that has incredible power to liberate people and Democratize their choices.”

“The wide adoption of Bitcoin will create fiscal discipline in governments. I’m not sure people have completely understood that… because governments controls there own they can print money essentially. Right, They borrower money in whatever ways they want, they can set interest rates. When they go to a currency when they don’t control, they don’t have that leisure; they can’t just print more money, that’s no in their tool box. They’ll actually have to balance there budget.”

“Miami registered voters will be able to receive a quarterly Bitcoin dividend in their Bitcoin wallets.”


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