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Bitcoin HODL’ers Beware!

Bitcoin HODL’ers, they are coming for you. They live in hyped videos screaming sell, sell, sell; they thrive off of fickle investors who are nervous about the next price move; they point out every negative technical indicator on the charts (bearish engulfing candles, death crosses, and double tops); and they throw at you every small seed of bearish sentiment they can find online… the Bitcoin naysayers hide in the crevices of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) and they try to convince you to sell your Bitcoin.

Bitcoin HODL’ers beware.

Now is not the time to panic sell—you bought Bitcoin for a reason and that reason has not changed… we are on the cusp of a revolutionary future, and the golden Bitcoin bus will get you there. Be patient. Wait for buying opportunities. And protect your wealth with Bitcoin.

Long Bitcoin.

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