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Bitcoin Aids a Ukrainian Fallout Victim

Bitcoin Aids a Ukrainian Fallout Victim

This tweet tells the story of how bitcoin aids a Ukrainian fallout victim by allowing them to pass through the Ukrainian border, while preserving some wealth.

The separation of money and state through Bitcoin means more for our freedom and sovereignty that’s imaginable.

Bitcoin Aids a Ukrainian Fallout Victim

The horrific events unfolding in Ukraine are exemplary of the false sense of security that we have when it comes to fiat. Amassing the majority of wealth in fiat has a risk all of its own. Bitcoin, is borderless and stateless. It cannot be commandeered. No central bank can freeze it, and you can exchange with whomever you would like, as long as they have a Bitcoin address.

As the war escalates, and the gauntlet of oppression slams down on the citizens of Ukraine, sovereign Bitcoin offers hope and the potential to preserve a new  form of property that cannot stripped away under authoritarian diktats.

This story of how Bitcoin aids a Ukrainian fallout victim may only be the first of many. Borderless currency that can be remitted without red tape is extremely valuable during these times… as in the example above, and even in efforts to transfer Bitcoin to Ukrainian fallout victims.

As we champion the heroes standing up to dark forces around the world, let us too stand up for sovereign Bitcoin, our stalwart shield that is defending us from oppression.

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