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What's a DAO?

What’s a DAO?

Well, it’s not a company, corporation, or an LLC. In fact, it’s not like any kind of business structure we’re accustomed to. As most organizations have vertical, top-down structures: CEOs, executive staff, then managers, and finally a slew of employees underneath…. DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, organize their power horizontally; decision-making is therefore, theoretically anyway,

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Bitcoin's Breakout Above the 50-Day-Moving Average

Bitcoin’s Breakout Above the 50-Day-Moving Average

Traders may glean from today’s Bitcoin’s breakout above the 50-Day-Moving Average (MA) that it’s a sign of bullish times ahead. If the daily bullish candle closes above this level, Bitcoin may come out of this multi-month long consolidation period that

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Biden's Crypto Roadmap

Biden’s Crypto Roadmap

An Executive Order outlining Biden’s crypto roadmap will be signed today, thus allaying much of the regulatory fears. Bitcoin and the crypto market like the clarity, and are rallying as result. In this video, Matthew Kratter from Trading University takes

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crypto wallets

Crypto Wallets

Learning about Crypto wallets is the first step you can take toward sovereign wealth. Purchasing Bitcoin through an exchange or a custody service is often people’s first step into crypto, as purchasing Bitcoin in a peer to peer fashion may

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Weekly Crypto Update

Weekly Crypto Update

99 Bitcoin provides a Weekly Crypto Update. Covered in this video: Air B&B and EBay Considering Crypto Payments EU Postpone Regulatory Crypto Vote Ukraine Receives Crypto Donations Citadel Warming up to Crypto Bitconnect Founder Charged Bitcoin and USDT to Become

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Global Citizens are Rushing into Bitcoin

In this video, Chico Crypto uncovers why global citizens are rushing into Bitcoin. A new narrative is emerging for Bitcoin, which is insurance against tyranny. The separation of currency and state is protection from war, state oppression, and inflationary pressures.

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Avoid Getting REKT

Avoid Getting REKT!

Having a sound game plan before you buy or sell is great way to avoid getting REKT in crypto. In this video, Guy from Coin Bureau explains how to keep your head above water, and avoid the most common mistakes

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Alt Coins

Once you dip your toes into the Bitcoin waters, there is an ocean of opportunity in alt coins. Simply put, an alt coin is any coin other than Bitcoin. The different categories of alt coins are discussed here, along with some in depth analysis on projects.


Bitcoin is a bank in cyberspace, run by incorruptible software, offering a global, affordable, simple, & secure savings account to billions of people that don’t have the option or desire to run their own hedge fund.

Crypto Wallets

Your interface into the world of decentralization begins with a crypto wallet. In this section, the different kinds of crypto wallets are discussed, along with reviews of crypto wallets.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

If you are interested in tokenized digital assets, aka NFTs; what they are and how they work. Here is your guide along with some reviews of web sites, and tradeable NFTs.


Cryptocurrencies are revolutionary, in that they will free us from a dying centralized economic system of surveillance capitalism, and also us to build a new internet, an internet 3.0 where every voice can share in an equal balance of power. This section enumerates the stories, projects and happenings that impact our sovereign digital future.

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is your gateway into your economic sovereign future. Here we discuss the history of money leading up to cryptocurrency and describe all the benefits of crypto in relationship to the new blockchain economy.