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2021 Year End Crypto Surge

2021 Year End Crypto Surge

The crypto markets have certainly been on fire this fall. Are we headed toward a 2021 Year End Crypto Surge?


The 2017 run-up to all time high peaked out in December around $20,000 per Bitcoin, then dropped precipitously by 85% to the $3000s. Every cycle is different, and Willy Woo has forecast that we are exiting the four year cyclical pattern of Bitcoin, which the rest of the crypto market tend to follow. This could mean that the blow-off top that everyone has come to expect in Bitcoin, will be much less severe (or even non-existent).

In this video… Rob, from Digital Asset News, presents some of the bull trends in crypto leading into this 2021 year end crypto surge.

Video Highlights:

    1. Crypto supply on exchanges is headed down, less supply often leads to price increases.
    2. Influential baby boomers like Kevin O’Leary are bullish on crypto.
    3. Even old world order bank institutions like Bank of America are waking up to crypto (if you can’t beat crypto, join crypto).
    4. Stable coins, are they the next target for the SEC?
    5. The decentralized MetaVerse is coming!
    6. Both Jerome Powell, head of the Federal Reserve and Gary Gensler, head of the SEC, both publicly exclaimed this week that they have no intentions to ban crypto, like China did.

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