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True Crypto Decentralization

Who Controls the Protocol, Controls the Future!

When it comes to crypto governance, it is important to recognize who is in control of the protocols.

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google control the software updates for the protocols within their institutions. These corporations have full authority over all the data they collect on you, which they sell to others–this data is highly invasive and violates your privacy (and your right to own your digital self). Open source and transparent software is not enough–there needs to be checks and balances in determining the code that will control our future.

We need to create our own future by democratizing the internet.

With crypto, we have a chance to reinvent the internet and ensure that the algorithms impacting our daily lives are created for our benefit (and not the benefit of corporate technocrats profiting off their Big Brother surveillance tactics). Decentralize now by supporting cryptocurrencies seeking to restore the balance of the internet into our hands.

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